El Moisto currently have three sauces in their range, all varying in hotness but all containing the same distinct chipotle flavour.

Please see below descriptions to select the right sauce for you


>While the BBQ Sauce is the mildest of the range what it doesn’t pack in spice it sure makes up for in Smokey BBQ flavour. Taking an old fashioned approach El Moisto uses molasses to perfectly enhance the smokey flavour of the chipotle to create a rich, dark, smooth sauce. El Moisto BBQ sauce is ideal for the kids, for those who prefer the mild side of life and of course a great addition to the old barbie mate.


El Moisto Hot sauce – the original sauce that was created to provide a great tasting chipotle based sauce that effortlessly balanced spicy hotness with flavour. El Moisto hot sauce provides a generous amount of heat while still allowing the chipotle flavours to come through, resulting in a flavoursome sauce where the heat doesn’t hijack your taste buds.

This is more of an everyday sauce which can be used for anything from marinating meat to being a condiment for anything and everything or simply for turning your cooking up a level of deliciousness. The uses for this sauce really are endless so try it for yourself and share with us  your El Moisto culinary sensations.


Your mum said you were a mistake and look how good you turned out! Well say hello to Fiji Style; just like you it wasn’t planned but was a delicious mistake that turned out amazing!      Fiji Style is a variation of El Moisto original hot sauce and through a slip of the fingers we’ve added a whole lot more pepper and spice and all things nice. Boasting a more full bodied peppery taste, chunkier consistency and packing a spicier punch than it’s predecessor, Fiji Style is the mistake you’ll want to make.