How it all began

The founders of El Moisto hot sauces Joshua Sirr and Nicholas Deans started the El Moisto journey after becoming frustrated at the lack of availability of good quality Chipotle based hot sauces in Western Australia. Being two hands on blokes who knew what they wanted they took matters into their own hands and started making their own hot sauces.

Nick has had over 16 years of cheffing experience with 5 of those years spent living in Santa Barbara learning about and tasting the flavours of Mexican cuisine, namely with is favourite – Chipotle.

After experimenting with their recipe the boys came up with two great tasting sauces; a chipotle based hot sauce and a chipotle based BBQ sauce.

The sauces were that great that family and friends kept requesting more and more bottles, to the point where they decided why not share a locally made Chipotle based sauce with the rest of WA and El Moisto Hot Sauce was born.